Casa particular Havana. Casa particular in Cuba. Private accommodation in Havana Cuba.

Casa particular, Casa ines Contact information :
Calle Segunda #559 e/ Ayestarán y Ayuntamiento
Plaza de la Revolución, Ciudad Habana, Cuba
Phone: (537) 870-0237



Welcome to our web site, we are Cuban family dedicated to hosting of rooms to travellers since 1997. We truly hope that you will like it and preffer the rooms of our "casa particular" when you travel to Havana, Cuba. Through our site you could see the details of our "casa particular" and when you are ready you could reserve your room using our free online aplication form.

  Casa particular, Casa ines  
Casa Particular is the cuban phrase for bed and breakfasts or private homestays it comes from the fact that everything else (from hotels to industries) is owned by the goverment, i.e. it is not private. Casa particular exactly means "private house". The plural of "casa particular" is "casas particulares" an not "casa particulars".
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